What can InstantBSI do for you?

Billing Types

  • One – off BSI event
  • Multiple BSI storage over Aircraft / Engine lifetime or specific ownership/lease period
  • Fleet plan

Product Benefits

  • Instant access to Borescope Inspections as they happen
  • View inspections taking place anywhere in the world
  • Interact with the Engineer while they’re on site
  • Graphical output makes navigation easy and seamless
  • Layout facilitates better understanding by non-technical persons of inspection findings.
  • Engine history allows you reference previous inspections
  • Easily references the AMM page for recommendation lookup

Technical Features

  • Global Servers
  • Highly Secure
  • Can be viewed on any desktop or mobile device* while inspection in progress
  • Works with all Borescope equipment
  • Interactive Engine Map allows viewing of findings in the specific engine section being inspected
  • Generates your BSI Report for easy download / signing
  • Real time chat box to correspond with inspector on site

Inspector Benefit

  • Fast upload of content
  • Easy link of BSI findings to AMM inspection references.
  • Generates the BSI Report
  • Quick upload of BSI photos and videos
  • BSI photos and videos sorted online per engine section for easy access.
  • No DVD burning or Dropbox links

* With internet connection


* indicates required
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