What can InstantBSI do for you?

Instant access to Borescope Inspections as they happen. View inspections taking place anywhere in the world. Interact with the Engineer while they're on site.

Graphical output makes navigation easy and seamless. Layout facilitates better understanding by non-technical persons of inspection findings.

Engine history allows you reference previous inspections. Easily references the AMM page for recommendation lookup.

Value Propositions


  • Simple steps for BSI data upload
  • Best practice BSI reporting format
  • Interaction while BSI in progress
  • Swift download of BSI Reports or viewable 24/7 On-Line on any device
  • Free unlimited storage
  • Transfer engines to other airlines in one click
  • Easy-access cloud storage for quick viewing of historical inspections – Build Online BSI library
  • Compare historical BSI data against current inspections to monitor known engine conditions or deterioration
  • Clear graphics and Interactive Engine Map to aid understanding for non-technical personnel
  • BSI findings, photos, videos and AMM references displayed in tabs for swift technical assessment
  • Fast and secure online BSI data sharing for global conferencing and discussions – No large files!

Technical Features

  • Global Servers
  • Highly Secure
  • Can be viewed on any desktop or mobile device* while inspection in progress
  • Works with all Borescope equipment
  • Generates your BSI Report for easy download/signing

*With Internet Connection

Inspector Benefits

  • Fast upload of content
  • Generates the BSI Report
  • Easy link of BSI findings to AMM inspection references.
  • Quick upload of BSI photos and videos
  • BSI photos and videos sorted online per engine module for easy access.
  • No DVD burning or Dropbox links

Viewer Benefits

  • Easy to view, standardised BSI Report
  • Interactable engine map with clickable modules
  • Full inspection history
  • Searchable engines and inspections
  • View drafts on in progress inspections
  • Support available at all times

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